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Greater Anointing Ministries

About Me!

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About Me!
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This page is designed to tell you a little bit more about myself.

Graduate Of Worthing Senior High School
Class Of 2001
(Houston, Texas)
Born and Raised at Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church 
Baptized In 1996 Called to the Ministry of Dance in 2003
Rededicated  life to the Lord In January 4, 2004
Called to the ministry of the gospel Feb 22,2007
Member/Minister at Greater New Vision Church- Nathaniel Dugay III (Pastor)
Minister of Praise/Worship/Dance/Mime
Favorite Color: Royal Purple And Pink
(Stands for Royalty and Right Relationship
Favorite Songs/Theme song:
Praise Is What I Do
Servent's Prayer

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I do not charge for services such as choreographed dances, workshops, appearances, training, etc. Love donations to the ministry are accepted to assist with traveling expenses, etc.