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Greater Anointing Ministries

What Is G.A.M????

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What Is G.A.M????
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What is Greater Anointing Ministries

Greater Anointing Ministries was created July 7,2007. Being empowered the Holy Spirit to change the ministry completely around. God was telling me that it is time for a change. God gave me the ministry GGTPID over 4 years ago. Now knowing more than I did four years ago and being more experienced in the ministry, having experienced real and true deliverance God gave me the following direction...

My daughter, when I release you back into ministry you are to the anoint your horn (shofar) and pray over it, then after you pray blow the horn 7 times... the wall will come down on the 7th blow, then praise me.

I did what God told me to do, but on that 7th blow, the sound was so bold and strong and loud that it rang throughout my dwelling place. I count not move afterward. The heard Him say Greater Anointing 3 times. All I could do was to get on my face and lay prostrate before Him. I could actually feel something as if oil was being poured out over my head. Greater Anointing Ministries is a ministry to heal, set free, and deliver the hurt, bound, and yoked up. Through the power of the Holy Spirit in the movement of dance and voice of the word. G.A. Ministries is also called to set the tone of a service for worship. Through worship, the glory of God dwells and through praise, the fire of God rises. And as that happens, I ask to God to His people with His Fire, presence. Therefore God, I thank you for using me and giving me a Greater Anointing.

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