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I Have Ministered at Numurous Place in the Past 4 Years.... But Here are the currently ministry date for the 2007 Year....

January 6,2007
Eagle Lake, Texas
Song: Like Never Before- Shekinah Glory Ministry
January 8-10,2007
Nashville, Tenneesse
Pre- Stellars Awards
Song: Invitation- Byron Cage
January 13,2007
Praire View, Texas
VBU Ministries Praise Dance and Mime Workshop
Songs: I Need Thee, We Nee The Glory- Micah Stampley
Song Taught: Invitation
The Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards
Houston. Texas
February 1-3,2007
Songs:Your Name, Psalm 27- Shekinah Glory Ministry
           Make Me Over- Tonex
           Marvelous- Unknown
VBU Ministries Inc
Women's Conference
February 10,2007
Houston. Texas
Song: Broken, But I'm Healed- Byron Cage
Black History Gospel Explosion
Richmond, Texas
February 24,2007
Song: I Need Thee, We Need The Glory- Micah Stampley
4th Sunday Praise
Pearland, Texas
Majastic Christian Center
February 25,2007
Songs: We Need The Glory- Micah Stampley
          Make Me Over- Tonex
Praise Explosion
Evangelic Chapel AME Church
Houston, Texas
March 9,2007
Song: For Every Mountain
New Testement Ministries
Houston, Texas
March 10,2007
Song: Make Me Over
God's Temple of Praise
Katy, Texas
March 11,2007
Song: Yes- Shekinah Glory Ministry
Crossroads C. Church
Love Appreciation Banquet
March 16,2007
Stafford, Texas
Song: Unfailing Love- Micah Stampley
Minister of Praise Ceremony
March 17,2007
Song: Reach Beyond The Break
Praise Explosion
Mt. Carmel MBC
Houston. Texas
March 24,2007
Songs: Bow Down- Bishop Paul S. Morton
           Praise Is What I Do- Shekinah Glory Ministry
Houston, Texas
March 30,2007
Song: Where is God- Jackie Smith
The Vision House
Katy, Texas
March 31,2007
"I don't remeber what song i did" (Sorry)
Mt. Horab MBC
March 31,2007
Houston, Texas
Song: Bow Down
         Praise Is What I Do
God's Temple Of Praise
Good Friday Service
April 6,2007
Katy. Texas
Song: Yes- SGM
Huntsville, Texas
Praise Dance and Mime Workshop
April 21,2007
Song: Yes- SGM
Songs Taught: Incredible God
                      Holy Visitation
City Of Refuge Church
Houston, Texas
April 22,2007
Song: To Him Who Sits On The Throne- Azuza Praise
Mother& Daughter Banquet
Houston, Texas
April 22,2007
Song: In The Mist Of It All
Youth Convention
Houston, Texas
Word of Delivearance Church
April 25,2007
Song: Encourage Yourself
St. Marks MBC
Houston, Texas
April 29,2007
Praise #2
Song: Yes-SGM
New Chapel MBC
Praise Dance and Mime Workshop
Bryan, Texas
May 5,2007
Song Taught: Incredible God
Praise and Worship Service
Cleveland, Texas
June 2,2007
Song: Yes-SGM (requested)
June 15,2007
Divine Unity Worship Center
June 15,2007
Houston, Texas
Song: Incredible God
Youth Service
Seed of Faith Church
Woodville, Texas
July 7,2007
Song:Bow Down (requested)
         Yes (requested)
Praise Dance Explosion
Beaumont, Texas
July 13,2007
Song: Yes- SGM
Women's Conference
Word Of Deliverance Church
Houston, Texas
Song: It Will Come To Past -Rizen
VBU Ministries
Final Praise Dance And Mime Workshop
Victoria, Texas
Song Taught: Incredibale God
St. John MBC
Houston, Texas
Bad Girls VS Good Girl of the Bible play
July 29,2007
Song: Anthem of Praise
Mt. Olive MBC
Houston, Texas
Fellowship Musical
July 29,2007
Songs: Encourage Yourself (requested)
           Bow Down
Forest Green TownHomes (outreach ministry of a coworkers church)
Houston, Texas
Back to School Splash
August 4,2007
Songs: Imagine Me
           Incredible God, Incredible Praise
New Light MBC
Houston, Texas
Praise and Worship Experience
August 4,2007
Song: Yes
Trinity Fellowship Church
Houston, Texas
Morning Service
August 5,2007
Song: We Need The Glory
Celebration Crusade
Lufkin, Texas
August 15,2007
Song: Thank You- Richard Smallwood
Youth Explosion
Greater Macadoina Baptist Church
Houston, Texas
August 17,2007
Song: Thank You- Richard Smallwood
Women's Conference
Miracle Christian Fellowship
Missouri City, Texas
August 18,2007
Song: Thank You
Youth Explosion
Greater Macadonia Baptist Church
Houston, Texas
August 18,2007
Song:Praise Is What I Do
Praise and Worship Service
Betheleham United Methodist Church
Hempstead, Texas
August 19,2007
Song: Storm Chaser- Russell Thompson Jr.
          Thank You
Church of the Overflow Annual Conference
Longview, Texas
August 24,2007
Song: Yes
Church Anniversary
Shilo Baptist Church
Rosenburg, Texas
August 26,2007
Song: Thank You
God's Temple of Praise
Katy, Texas
September 2,2007
Song:Thank You
Mount Olive Holiness Church
Houston, Texas
September 9,2007
Song: Thank You
Smith Chapel AME Church
September 16,2007
Pastor Anniversary
Rosenberg, Texas
Song: The Battle is the Lord's
Bonita House of Hope
September 21,2007
Graduation for Clients
Houston, Texas
Song: Storm Chaser- Russell Thompson Jr.
Chozen Mime Ministry
Ministry Anniversary
September 28,2007
First Unity Community Church
Song: Thank You- Richard Smallwood

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