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This is a subject that every praise dancer and mine should read!!! This just bothers me!!!


Maybe, it is something to it. Maybe it is just to show off. Maybe they are being forced to do it. I really dont know!
I don't want to affend anyone, but the Lord told me to write about this and being in obedience to my Father in Heaven, that is what I am doing.
I am not understanding why people compete in praise dance! Maybe someone can tell me why. Think about this... we were ALL made to praise God. There is no such thing as the best praiser or the best worshiper or the best mime. We are all serving the same God....well some of us. Let me explain. When we dance we are suppose to dance unto God and to minister to God's people. Some dancers dance for show, to be seen, notice, commmended, praised, worshiped, to get all of God's glory. That should not be. The bible say in  Philippians 3:3 "For we are the circumcision, which worship God in the spirit, and rejoice in Christ Jesus, and have no confidence in the flesh." To me the means when you worship God, worship in the spirit and in truth. Pour yourself out to Him. Let Him use you how He wants to use you. Kill the flesh!!!! Having confidence in you is like saying, "I can out dance her or him."    If you are dancing unto God, just go out and dance. Don't worry about who is watching you. It is just you and God at that moment. Competition brings about hate, jealously, envy, anger and more. These thing are not of God!!! Then, I have heard of some people dancing for money. We, as praise dancers, are not exotic dancers!! There is nothing wrong with someone giving you a love offering, but when you go to compete in praise dance for trophies and cash prizes, that degrades the dance ministry. Then some people tell praise dancers, "Baby, Ya'll did so good!" Do you realize when you answer back and say thank you, you are stealing God's Glory?  What you should say is...TO GOD BE THE GLORY or GLORY TO GOD! That will upset people when you give God the glory, believe me I know! Say it anyways! When you compete in praise dance how do you think the other dancers feel when they lose? They feel like they can't dance or they are not good enough to dance for God. Some of them just give up praise dance completely. If you are called to the ministry, you will know it. God will give you discrenment about things like this and other things like what to wear when you minister or what kind of dance moves to do. Those who are in the ministry, pray about this. You have a mind of your own. If someone mentions a praise dance competition to  you, just know that it is wrong. Praise dancers have a bad rep as it is. Don't make it worse.
This was not to offend anyone!!! I pray that this will help someone realize who they are dancing for.
God Bless!!!
If you have any questions, feel free to email me!

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