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I could just answer the question, but it is not that simple. When I was in middle school at Carter G. Woodson here in Houston, I was in many different activities like marching band, step, actting, and more. I just really never saw myself dancing. The drama teacher made the announcement saying that any girls that are interrested in dancing, practice starts the following week. I just wanted  to see what kind of dance that she would be teaching, so I told my grandmother that I would be at dance practice that day. When I went into the auditorium, the teacher told me she was not going to allow me to dance because I was already in too many things and plus I was not always good in behavior. I said ok and I asked her if I could watch and she said sure. They were dancing to "Silver and Gold " by Kirk Franklin and the Family. I already knew the song. Kirk Franklin was and still is one of my favorite gospel artists. I saw the teacher, Ms. Latrice Rice, demonstrate the dance and I told myself I could do that. I asked Ms. Rice if I could try to dance. She told me before I started that if i was to mess up, behavior wise, thst she would sit me down. There were some moves that were difficult to the other dancers She would show us twice and then she would ask everyone to copy the move. She never had to show my more than twice. She noticed thant and asked me to stay after practice because she wanted to talk to me. After everyone left, i stayed back and waited for her. She was telling me that I had a true gift, a talent. She asked me have I ever taken dance lessons. i told her no, this is the first time I have ever danced. After we talked about 10 minutes, she told me that she wanted to talk to my grandparents. I throught  I was in trouble. So, she walked me out to the car to talk to my grandmother. Ms. Rice was telling my grandmother about the gift that God had given me. I did not know what she was talking about. A God given gift? Then, she was telling my grandmother about the clothing that I needed and then she told her about the upcoming program that she was going to have me solo. I looked at her in amazement because she never told me that. My grangmother was very proud of me. I would always arrive to practice early and was the last one to leave. I was now her favorite dance student because I had a desire to dance and do my best at it. 


The day has finally arrived. It was Girl's Day. We had practice hard and long and it was now time to put on a show. There wwere two programs, the morning programs was strictly for the female student body of the school. It was ok. I was chosen to reat the interduction for the keynote speaker. It was a real borning program. Ha ha ha!!! The second program was for the whole school to see and enjoy. I can honestly say that it was the first have ever ran around like a chicken with its head cut off I had to run to the room to the bandroom and get my clarinet because I was on program to play a song, to act, to step and to dance. The curtains were closed until it was time for the dance. When i noticed the stage, it was very, very shinny. They had waxed the stage floor. I did not get a chance to take off my stockings from the earlier program. I prayer to God that I would not fall. Deep down in my heart, I knew that I was going to fall. We went out on stage to setup and to get in place. I was in the front because she had made me the soloist. We were doing very well, until we started to run in the circle. I knew that I was going to fall. And the audience was really into the dance. And when I feel, the whole school, of course, noticed it and started to laugh. I got right back up and finished the dance. When it was over, I went back stage and cried like a baby. I told Ms. Rice that I did not want to dance anymore. She encourged me to keep on dancing. There would be times in my life when we will fall, but just keep on going and don't stop. you just can't give up. I did not hear the end of that fall incident. The student body would ask me if I was hurt  and/or ok. After they asked me that, they would compliment me on the way I danced and performed throughout the program. The coronation was coming up and Ms. Rice wanted me to be in a play called LaShawdella. i was going to play the lead role in the play  and plus she wanted me to do a dance at the end of the play. i did just that. The song that I danced to was called " I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly. That was the last time I dance at Woodson Middle School. It was time to graduate. I moved on to Worthing high School and I was in the Marching Band, softball and the AJROTC. There was not a dance program at Worthing. So, dance was not on my mind anymore.

Moving On!!

At Worthing, I tried out for drum major over the band. The band was getting ready to go on a band trip. I was not alloed to go because I was living with my grandparents. They did not want me to go. So, I was always in the house not able to go anywhere. Something happened at the house to where I did not want to live there anymore. My mom came to the school and picked me up. I moved back with my mom and i had the best time. They next school day, I was a different person.Hair done, nails done and new clothes. It was a whole new me. I went on band trips, ROTC trips and different places. I also changed churches. I was going to Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church, but when I moved with my mom, started attending Evangelist Temple COGIC. I was new to the COGIC church. They had a whole different way of praise God. I saw that they had dancers in the church. I never knew that you could dance in church. I started to go to the practice. I needed a uniform and everything. They gave my pieces of a uniform. We did not have a set uniform. After I got to know them, I saw the true side of them. they would always argue and fight at rehearsals. i noticed that I would get ideas and visions about different dances. I would want to show the group, but they would always put me down. Saying things like I can dance and I dance too hard. The stuff they were saying really did hurt my feelings. We never did dance alot. We only dances when there would be alot of people around. I did not like that at all. I told my mom that I was going back to my home church. She said ok. I went back to Jerusalem MBC on Sunday, and told the pastor and the church that i was coming home/ At that time, I did not know that they had praise dance at JMBC also. I wanted to continue to dance but i just did not know know who to talk to. I notice that I started to have that passion to dance.I looked in the church bulletin and I saw when they would have practice. I went to practice. I was welcomed with open arms. God continued to give me more and more visions. I shared some of the ideas with the group and they like them and wanted to learn them. The Lord spoke to me and showed Himself to me. I heard Him Say " Dance Before Me". I did not understand. I continued to hear the voice of the Lord, so I prayed about it and prayed about it. Finally, I understood that the Lord wanted me to go into the ministry. Therefore, on June 26,2003,,I received my calling to the dance ministry under the name Giving God Total Praise In Dance. The dance teacher started to go on tour with her daughter. At that time, the women of Jerusalem had called me and asked me to teach them a dance for Women's Day Program. I agreed to it. i did not know what song to teach them. I prayed on it and God told me to teach them Melodies From Heaven. After the Women day Program was over, some of the same women wanted to cotinut to dance. The youth praise dancers had stoppped dancing because of the teacher having to leave. I invited them to come to the adults dance practice. All of the youth started to come to practice with us. Together, the youth dancers and the adult dancers. formed "The Shekinah Glory Dancers Of Praise" Now i am the Dance Leader Of The Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church Praise Dance Teams. Every since I have recevied the calling to the ministry, I have had dancing for God on my mind 24/7. The Lord would show me different types of songs and dances> I could go on and on with this subject. I dance because God has called me. I am truly blessed that God had given me this gift of dance. He has and still is blessing me throughout the years. I call this gift awesome because an Awesome God saw fit to bless with with it. People think that I have taken dance leassons. I keep on  Telling them that I have never taken any kind of dance lessons. God gave all of the knowledge about dance to me. The uniforms, the right way to dance in the chuch and the songs. Everyything comes from God.  I thank God for looking  the past all my faults and allowing to me to dance before Him. People don't understandwhy I dance so hard. Someone told me I dance out of pain. Well, all the pain I have been through, Dealing with molestation, a drug addict as a mother and a felon as a father. Thats is why my ministry's theme song is Shekinah Glory Ministries' Praise Is What I Do. No matter what I go though, Praise Is What I Do. I dance because I Love My God. He has shown me to dance for Him and not for man. My mission is to minister to the believer and non-believers that Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King of Kings. That God sent His Only begotten son to die for our sins so that we may be saved and have eternal life.


My Calling

My Life

My Love

For My God


Thank You God for this awesome gift and Passion of Dance

I will and shall praise and worship you in spirit and truth And in dance...





Praise Is What I Do!!!!!


Joy Hogan

Minister Of Dance
Greater Anointing Ministries




Song in the background: Created to Worship- William Murphy III

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