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Ministry on the Move.....

Ministry On The Move....
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Ministry on the Move


Greater Anointing Ministries Trip to Rhode Island


On October 27,2007; I had the awesome pleasure ato go to the Beautiful State of Rhode Island B.K.A “The Ocean State.” I left Houston around 7:50am on that Saturday. I was taking pictures from the time I took off to the time I landed in Rhode Island. I was afraid of flying!! Crazy huh? I had to tell myself that I am one more step closer to God. And I must say that “it was Beautiful!” Being above the clouds was amazing! Flying over the beautiful state Rhode Island was a site to see! The tree were turning in transition and the weather was humid, but it was gorgeous! Minister Valencia Friends greeted me with a beautiful smile and a sweet humble spirit. I was under the weather due to the climate change, but I was not going to let that stop me. I was taken to get my place of dwelling, The Las Palmas Inn. A beautiful Bed and Breakfast that was about 50 feet from the church. Now, that’s what I call convenience! That night was the Praise Event is was raining and started to get really cold. When I walked in the church, there was spirit  of High Praise going forth. There were other praise ministers and choirs. Minister Friend works with the youth praise dancers at the church. They ushered in the presence of the Lord and we entered into worship. I ministered the song “Thank You” by Richard Smallwood. God really showed up and out!

The Lord spoke a mighty word in the mist of the Worship! The Shekinah glory of God was in that place! I went to worship on Sunday morning and the pastor of the church spoke very highly on the praise event the previous night. The pastor was amazed that the Lord allowed me to travel to Rhode Island to worship with them. He invited me to come back again next year. I really enjoyed myself and the company of Minister Friend and you family. After church on Sunday, we went to Dartmouth, Massachusetts to eat and fellowship.

             After we all ate, we headed back to Newport, RI. Minister Friend took me sight-seeing. She took me to see the mansions that are in the downtown area of Newport. They will blow your mind!!!


Overall, My trip was just amazing! Rhode Island is a very beautiful place. I was honored to be able to travel in the ministry doing what I am called to do.




Greater Anointing Ministries trip to Washington DC


Also coming soon...

Greater Anointing travels to Pensacola, FL

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